Complaints procedure

If you need to make a complaint your first port of call is Ops. They will record your complaint or concern and begin the action process. If you are not comfortable speaking with Ops for any reason, go to Registration instead.

Complaints may be about people but they may also be about the conduct of the convention. Both will be taken seriously.


  • You may request that one of the Listening Team is contacted, and they will act to listen to your issue and assist with any of the following.
  • A record of your complaint will be made; this is confidential within the chain of need to know.
  • This will either: be tackled immediately if it is an ongoing situation, or referred to the committee.
  • Three members of the committee will meet each morning and decide on action.
    • Any action taken will be reported to you.
    • If no action is taken the reasons why will be reported to you.
  • Actions by the committee include:
    • calling witnesses or otherwise investigating the events;
    • Making changes to the delivery of an element of the convention;
    • Reprimands;
    • Restricting the participation of a member (ie removing them from programme items/restricting them to certain areas of the convention);
    • Temporary exclusion from the convention;
    • Permanent exclusion from the convention;oIf the incident is serious enough, we reserve the right to call in the police.
  • We will endeavour at all times to keep the complainant informed and to close the loop.

In the event of a complaint made against a member of the committee, the committee will request a senior member of another convention to act as Ombudsperson.

Do you have feedback?

If you have any feedback on the procedure, email