Eastercons are often used for launches, especially book launches. Here’s what we have planned this year:


  • Dawn and Dave of the Dead -“a riotous, satirical trip through undead-infested Birmingham”
  • Newcon Press – “The Last Pantheon” by Tade Thompson and Nick Wood, “Elephants in Bloom” by Cécile Cristofari and “Human Resources” by Fiona Moore


  • Beyond Cataclysm – ISBN COFFEE from Beyond Cataclysm – “The World’s First Bag of Coffee with its own ISBN Number! (And a book of companion stories, poetry, games and illustration)”
  • Cybersalon – “All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt”
  • Anna Stephens – “The Dark Feather”, book 3 of Songs of the Drowned
  • R E Lewin – “The Crystal Cube” – audiobook 3 in The Children of Pisces series

Launches are in-person only.