Frequently Asked Questions

    • At the hotel: free

    • At the TIC: free for exhibitors, otherwise £5 per day.

    • Blue badge parking at the TIC: there is blue badge parking by the entrance nearest the Holiday Inn and International hotels. It’s feasible to drive a car from the hotel to the TIC each day (from blue badge space to blue badge space).

    • There are also other car parks all around Telford. You will have no problems finding a space.

We are not sending out paper PRs. Instead, we are using the newsletter emails and the news blog on the website to send out information. Details about the hotel and dealers will be added to the website when we have the information.

You can buy an attending membership for a single day in advance or on the door. A day membership includes virtual membership for the whole convention.

    • Friday or Monday — £35

    • Saturday or Sunday — £50

Eastercon always needs volunteers, and we can find a role for everyone. Roles include helping with the convention build, supervising programme rooms, helping on the registration desk, with access and with many other areas.

You can decide how long you volunteer for. Some people spare just an hour, others choose to help out through the whole weekend. Every little bit helps, and every bit is appreciated.

We will support you with training where needed. As a thank you, we'll give you vouchers, known as Groats. You can use these to buy food and drinks from the site, artworks from art show, and items in the dealers room.

You can fill in the volunteer form or on the day at the Ops Help Desk.

Do you have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Levitation 2024, please complete the form below. We’ll collate our replies here to help answer your queries.