Access policy

We are committed to making this as accessible a convention as we can. There are questions on the membership form to enable you to inform us of your needs.

Although the entire venue is long, we anticipate that the programme will be concentrated in one area of the convention centre. Should this change, we will inform members.

There will be priority seating at the front and rear of programme items, and space for wheelchairs/scooters.

We will provide a map and signage at the venue to aid navigation.

We recognise that not all conditions are visible and trust our attendees to make their needs known without having to disclose medical information or ‘proof’. This means that we will not use a visible badge or sticker to indicate access needs; however, we are happy to provide a card that allows this to be communicated without verbal explanation. You can also use the cards from last years Eastercon. Use of this card is entirely optional, you can just let us know if you need something. We will ask the team to look for sunflower lanyards also.

In person panel / Talks / Programme rooms

On site

  • We will have at least one wheelchair / scooter space marked in each programme room and for the layout to have space for a mobility scooter to manoeuvre.
  • We will have seating in any area where there is likely to be queueing and a volunteer to ensure that those who need to sit while queueing are still able to access the activity/panel.
  • We will mark some seats as reserved for those who need to sit or to be in a specific area (close to the front for sight or hearing, and close to the back or sides for anxiety or other needs).
  • If we use staging or platforms we will ensure ramped access.
  • We will use microphones for speeches, readings and panels.
  • We will have a hearing loop at the front of Pattingham and Coalport. It will not be available in other rooms for logistical reasons. There will be signage on chairs that are within the loop area. If you have problems accessing this, the volume is low, or other issues please let the member of the tech team in the room know.
  • People in larger mobility scooters may need to use the goods lift indicated on the map. The convention centre will have someone available to operate it, or a Gopher will be there to ensure that assistance is available. If there is not anyone at the lift, call the main switchboard on 01952 281 500 and they will send someone. If there are any issues/delays, please let us know at the Ops Help Desk.
  • If you are attending a workshop and need it microphoned, please let us know at the beginning of the convention and we will make arrangements.


  • Automatically generated subtitles will be available for all streamed items if you are using the Google Chrome browser on the desktop. Subtitles will be available on catch-up videos on all platforms.
  • Subtitles will not be available on video calls in the Discord.


For details of hotels, distances and accessibility, please see the Telford Access Audit. We are planning to have some activities in the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Publications format

  • Publications, particularly programme information, will be available online in a variety of formats.
  • Large print will be available on request at the registration desk.
  • If you would like slides of talks in advance please contact the Programme team via the Discord.

In person social spaces

  • We aim to have seats in all social spaces and space for mobility scooters to manoeuvre.
  • We will provide two quiet spaces, one for quiet activities (such as reading, jigsaws etc) and one as a space for complete silence. The silent room may have noise from adjacent rooms and the air-conditioning is not silent, so you may find noise cancelling headphones useful if you need complete silence.
  • We will have a space dedicated for the use of children.
  • We will provide optional pronoun badges for she/her, he/him and they/them. You can also write pronouns onto your badge holder if your pronouns are not listed here.


  • We do not police who uses which toilets and we expect our attendees not to do so either. We expect people to use the toilet that makes them comfortable and respect others’ need for privacy.
  • The toilets on the first floor will be designated gender neutral (in addition to accessible toilets on the first and ground floor).
  • We also understand that young children or others who need assistance will need to be in the same facility as the person assisting them.

Allergies & food

  • We are working with the conference centre on food provision. This is likely to be through a hot buffet arrangement.
  • We are committed supporting vegetarians and vegans, and will ensure gluten free food is available.
  • The conference centre is minutes away from the town centre and provision in town ranges from sit down meals to branches of Greggs, Costa etc and a large ASDA.
  • Please do not bring nuts into programme spaces. You may eat them in the well ventilated dining areas.
  • We ask all of our attendees to refrain from applying scented products while in the convention spaces, including in the toilets. (It is fine to wear scented products, but please apply them in your own hotel room or outside.)


  • We will have a child/family friendly programme stream.
  • We recognise that breast-feeding a baby is a normal activity and does not need to be hidden away.


  • We will ask organisers that any time alcohol or food is available there should be a soft drink option as well.
  • This will apply to parties and launches.


  • We will have a bursary for people who would struggle with the financial cost of attending, as well as a low-income membership rate.


  • The venue is suitable for scooters and wheelchairs, with step free access, between the convention centre and the hotels and the convention centre and the town centre. The park has step free routes and there are wheelchair accessible activities in the chlldren’s playground.
  • Scooters will be provided free by the convention, thanks to sponsorship by Dublin 2014. 
  • Please bring ID to sign a scooter out. 
  • In addition, Telford’s Shopmobilty can rent you a scooter for four hours (£6 per session) but scooters must be returned before the store closes.


If you need anything else that we have not mentioned here, please do contact us and let us know.

Do you have feedback?

If you have any feedback on the policy, email