Art show

The art show is an opportunity for members of the convention to display and optionally sell their art. The paintings, sculptures and crafts will be on display through most of the convention for members to look at and buy if for sale. The art show will be in-person only.


The following artists will be exhibiting.

Abi Cochran

Andrew and Emily January

David Lascelles

Eira and Smuzz

España Sheriff

Fangorn (Chris Baker)

Farah Mendlesohn

Jackie Burns · · ·

Jackie Duckworth

Jenni Coutts

Jessica Meats

Julie McMurray

Kate Towner

Lesley Arrowsmith ·

Lisa Konrad

Robin Stevenson

Sabine Furlong

Sue Jones

Tom Nanson

V Anne

Virginia Preston

Michelle Rosenblum exhibit

Michelle Rosenblum presents convention material from the collections of her late father, Howard Rosenblum, and grandfather J. Michael Rosenblum, a member of the first Eastercon. This is a unique opportunity for the Eastercon community to have access to this material collected over a period of more than seventy years. At time of writing, the fanzines presented here are from the 1950s and the convention material covers the 1965 London Worldcon to the 1984 Eastercon/Eurocon in Brighton. Michelle continues to catalogue this extensive collection and is delighted to share part of her family’s inheritance.

Requesting to be in the art show

The art show is now full. If you would like to join the waiting list to be contacted in case someone drops out, you can fill in the request to join the art show waiting list.

Join the art show waiting list

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