The concessionary rate is open to anyone under the age of 18, or anyone for whom paying the full membership cost would be prohibitive. This is entirely self-selected; the convention will not challenge anyone’s decision to chose the concessionary rate. If you think you might qualify, you do.

If the membership price is still too high, and/or the other costs of attending the convention are too high, please apply for our bursary fund.

Child rates

  • Infants under 5 years old — £5
  • Children 6 – 12 years old — £25
  • Teens 13 – 17 years old — £25

Our infant rate includes free child care.

Dealer rates

You can buy a single dealers’ table as a part of your membership through one of the dealer rates. Additional tables are £40 each. If you would like a fan table, these are free with an attending membership. See Dealers’ and fan tables for more details.

  • Attending + table — £155
  • Concessionary + table — £80

Day memberships

You can buy an attending membership for a single day, either the Saturday or the Sunday, for £50.