Other activities

Dress-up day

We are having a dress-up day on Saturday, though you are of course more than welcome to dress up on the other days if you would like.

“Dress up” can be many things:

  • Cosplay
  • Costume on the theme of Science & Industry
  • Any other costume you like
  • Or just your fanciest outfit

We do have two rules:

  1. Please bear in mind the convention Code of Conduct
  2. No weapons

Tabletop games

We have a dedicated room for people to be able to play tabletop games. During the day it will be in the main Telford International Centre venue, and during the evening it will be at the Holiday Inn.

We’ve got the usual fare, including Blood on the Clocktower and Illuminati, along with sets of exploding and chaotic cats, and some owned by Schrodinger. We’ve also got Ghosts which Love Candy, Trials by Trolly, and Suchi to Go,  then there’s Codenames, Zombie Dice and even a Britanna: for those who like to see the Welsh invading York every now and then. But don’t let that discourage you from bringing along your favourite game, as they’ll always be someone around to play or, or sign-up sheets for scheduling a session.

We’re open to all sorts of games, from Catan to Tiddly Winks (both of which will also be available), so don’t hesitate to come along and say “hello” and take time out for some Connect 4 or a quick hand of Dobble.

You can see the list of games people will be bringing in our games spreadsheet. Feel free to add your own.


Filking is where people sing songs about sci-fi, fantasy, and related topics. Often as parodies or pastiches of existing songs, but also original tunes.

We have space for open filking in the evening on the Saturday. You can come along and sing, or just watch others.

Quiet space

We have some quiet space for people to take a break from the busier aspects of the convention.