We are a fully hybrid convention. We will be streaming as much of the programme items as possible, and programme participants may be on-site or virtual.

The online virtual portion of the convention is open to all our members, both virtual and on-site. Day memberships include virtual membership for the whole convention.

We are using a platform called RingCentral Events to stream programme items and make them available for catch-up afterwards. RingCentral Events works in your browser both on desktop and mobile.

For online chat, both text and audio/video, we are using Discord. Here you can chat with other members, discuss programme items, and take part in the social events. Discord works in your browser or via their app on desktop and mobile.

Members will be emailed details of how to access our members portal about a week before the convention. From the members portal you will be able to access all the virtual parts of the convention.

The Code of Conduct applies to the virtual part of the convention as well as on-site.

Thank you to the Glasgow 2024 Worldcon for allowing us to use their RingCentral Events licence and covering part of the costs.