Dealers’ and fan tables

The dealer’s room is an opportunity for members of the convention to sell their wares: books, t-shirts, toys, jewellery. Whatever other members of the convention might be interested in.

A table in the dealer’s room is included in the Dealer membership, with additional tables available for £40 each. If you have already bought your membership, contact and you will be invoiced appropriately to bring you into line with our Dealer rate.

Fan tables are for non-commercial enterprises, such as advertising and taking sign-ups for other conventions, or distributing fanzines. Fan tables are free, but if we run short of space you may be asked to share.

Both dealers and fan tablers will have an opportunity to set up a space to advertise and talk to people in the convention Discord.

If you are interested in either a fan table or some dealer’s tables, please fill out the Dealer and fan table form. We will be advertising your presence on this page.

Request a table