Dealers’ and fan tables


The dealer’s room is an opportunity for members of the convention to sell their wares: books, t-shirts, toys, jewellery. Whatever other members of the convention might be interested in.

Alex Cochran

Beyond Cataclysm

Books on the Hill

Cybersalon Press

David Wake

Diana Challis

F. Dee Lee

Genki Gear

Guardbridge Books

Handheld Press

Justine Norton-Kertson

Karen Corbell

NewCon Press

Rodney Milton

Roy Gray

Sandra Bond

Sperrystone Press (and Elsewhen)

Stairwell books

The Children of Pisces Services


Fan tables

Fan tables are an opportunity for members to advertise other fan activity, especially other conventions.

British Fantasy Society

British Science Fiction Association


FunCon One

Glasgow 2024

LA in 2026



World Fantasy

Fan funds

Fan funds raise money to fund sending a fan to conventions they would otherwise struggle to get to. The aim is usually to cross-pollinate by sending someone from one country or region to attend a major science fiction convention in another country or region. You can read more about them on the Fancyclopedia.

TAFF – The TransAtlantic Fan Fund (between North America and Europe)

GUFF – The Get Up-and-over Fan Fund (between Europe and Australia)

EFF – European Fan Fund (European SF fans to Eurocons)