Hello, world!

Hello, and welcome to the Eastercon 2024 bid website. We announced our intention to bid for Eastercon 2024 at the bid session at ConFusion 2021, and we plan to present our bid at the bid session at Reclamation 2022. We’re beginning to spin up our internet presence by opening our website, and starting to email and post on social media more in the months leading up to Easter next year, so keep an eye out for us.

We don’t yet have much to announce. Our committee is currently eight strong, and you can find out more about who’s on the committee on our homepage. You can email the convention by using the contact form on this website and we’ll make sure your query gets to the relevant person on the team. You can also Tweet at us, as well as posting on our Facebook or Instagram.

We’ll be announcing things like our intended venue as widely as we can once they’re in place; if you’d like to be sure to hear the latest news as it happens, sign up for our fortnightly email newsletter. Or, if you prefer to get your news through social media, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Finally, we’re going to be at a few conventions, both online and physical, in the months before Reclamation 2022. We’ll be posting news about those conventions here, and on our various other platforms, so that you can come and talk to us at the events we attend.