December News

It is December 2022 and the Levitation Committee is now meeting with purpose. We have met on site and are beginning the site planning (ensuring that accessibility is built into the room allocations we make); and we have heard presentations from Programme (Kari Sperring) and Virtual (Rachael Windsor) about their ideas for Levitation. As they develop we will keep you up to date.

Memberships are available on the website, including a new deal for Dealers which will include a table and two memberships for £170.

At the very start we acknowledged that as a team bidding two years out, members of the team might well experience life changes (good and bad) that would not allow them to continue. Sadly we are saying goodbye to Pat McMurray one of our Bid Co-Chairs who is not in a position to continue as co-chair of the convention, also Jude Roberts (Accessibility); Fiona Scarlett (Hotel Liaison), John Coxon (Communications) and Rachael Windsor (Virtual). The Committee thanks them heartily for all they did to build the convention.

On a happier note we are delighted to welcome the following people to the team.

New committee members are Karen Fishwick (Accessibility), Helen Armfield (Communications), Phil Dyson (Hospitality), and Andrew January (Secretary). New staff members include Julie Faith McMurray (Art Show), Johan and Linnea Anglemark (Registration), and Emma Kalson Leadley (Website).

Vacancy for the role of guest liason

The aim of Guest Liaison is to make the guest feel that everything is going smoothly and also to reduce the number of people they need to hear from.

The Guest Liaison will:

  • Work with Programme to ensure that the Guests get what they want from the GoH item, has interesting panels, readings, etc and is on items with people they want to be on items with.
  • Work with Communications to ensure we are up to date with all the Guests’ good news and support theirpromotion of their work.
  • Ensure the right hotel bookings are made and any special needs are in place.
  • Book travel (using the Levitation credit card).
  • Arrange where needed for guests to be met at stations and airports (this can be delegated but the Liaison needs to make sure it’s happening).
  • Be the first point of contact for the Guest if any issue arises.

If you are interested in this role contact It will also be advertised on the web site so that you can share with others.

We also welcome interest in Virtual Delivery.

That’s all we have for now, but feel free to hit reply if you have any questions, or contact us on our various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The Levitation team unites in wishing you an uplifting festive season.

Farah Mendlesohn, Chair.