Panellists Guide

Thank you very much for taking part in your panels.

If for some reason you can no longer take part, or wish to participate remotely, contact Green Room via the #green-room-general channel on the online Discord or e-mail and they will make the appropriate arrangements.

If this is your first time as an Eastercon panellist, or if you haven’t often been on panels at Eastercons, the timeline below may help you plan your session and minimise your stress levels.

Before the convention 

The moderator for your item may be in touch beforehand, either via e-mail or via Discord in the #green-room-forum channel.

Please prepare some notes for your panel. If you think you may be referring to specific authors/creatives, think about the diversity of names you could refer to.

If you are a virtual participant, make sure you have Zoom installed and up-to-date.

20+ minutes before the item

On-site participants 

Please meet at the Green Room at least 20 minutes beforehand for a final check with your moderator. There will be a laptop in the green room to bring in virtual panellists.

The green room will take a drinks order from you so as to to provide you with a free drink.

Virtual participants 

You will be e-mailed the link to join the Green Room discussion on Zoom. Join it 20 minutes before the item. When the item starts, you will be transferred from the green room to the item itself.

During the item

You must use the microphone. If you don’t then even if the people in the room can hear you, the people watching the stream will not be able to. If you are unused to using a microphone, read our microphone technique guide.

Please remember that microphones will be live and streaming before the item starts. Avoid private conversations.

Listen to the moderator: 

  • Do not interrupt your colleagues.
  • If you are asked to move on from a line that is getting contentious, please do so – we would prefer to sort out any clashes afterwards rather than in full view. Remember Social Media! 
  • Wrap up when asked. 

Enjoy yourself.

At the end of the item

  • You may find people coming up to you immediately after the end of the panel because they have further questions or comments. It’s okay to say “I’m sorry but I have to go somewhere right now. How about you catch me in the bar later, or put it in the Discord?” if you don’t want to deal with these immediately. If all else fails, remind people that you need to clear the room for the next item.

Now relax. You’ve done it!

Further questions

If you still have any questions, you can get help by: