Pre-Con Online Volunteers Needed

Levitation 2024 needs your help with the convention Discord! This will open 1-2 weeks before the convention starts and we’re looking for people for the following roles:

Discord Testers

This is a pre-con, virtual role. You will be testing the Discord server to make sure that all features are working as expected and reporting any issues. Attention to detail is essential and prior Discord experience very useful.

Discord Moderators

We will need Discord moderators before, during and after the con weekend. Pre and post con will be virtual and at-con can be virtual or on site. You will moderate the Discord server, making sure that users follow the rules and the server is a safe and welcoming space for all convention members. You will also monitor the helpdesk channel and pass on messages to the relevant team. We will provide written documentation on these processes. Prior experience with Discord is preferred.

Discord Moderation Team Lead

As well as carrying out the Discord Moderator role, you will organise and manage the schedule for the moderation team. This would suit someone with time and people management skills as well as prior experience with Discord.

How To Volunteer

If you’d like to volunteer for any of these roles, please fill in the volunteer form, tick the box for “virtual delivery” and use the question about specific skills to let us know your Discord experience and which role you’re interested in. Alternatively you can let us know in an email to

Volunteers for 8 or more hours will be rewarded with a Levitation 2024 T shirt, so don’t forget to let us know what size.

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