Saturday is Dress Up Day

Saturday at Levitation 2024 is the designated dress up day. “Dress up” encompasses many things and you can wear your dress up outfit all day, just for half an hour or anything in between. (And please feel free to dress up on all the other days as well if you want to!)

Even if you choose not to dress up, you can still participate in the event – all attending convention members will receive hall costume tokens which can be used to vote for your favourite costumes.


Book characters, film/TV characters, anime characters, video game characters – we love to see it!

Costume on the theme of “science & industry”

Absolutely anyone can have a go at one of these. When you costume to a theme, the idea can be more important than the execution and there have been some great costumes at Eastercons past made from little more than a cardboard box. But equally, please feel free to go to town and show off your sewing and crafting skills.

Use your imagination

The theme is just for inspiration – don’t be afraid to go off piste.

Your fanciest outfit

You don’t even have to dress up AS anything. You can just wear an amazing outfit whether you bought it off the shelf, made it yourself or want to show off an amazing second hand find.

Team efforts

Dress up can be done solo or as part of a group; some of the most memorable costumes at past Eastercons have been ensemble costumes by families (e.g. “Lizard People” in 2013) or groups of friends (e.g. “Wacky Races” in 2000).

Stuff you need to know

  • Please bear in mind the convention Code of Conduct when choosing your costume
  • No weapons

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